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So, you’re going to be a mom, aren’t you? Congratulations! Pregnancy is definitely one of the best periods a woman can experience in her life! You surely feel a little confused now about the dos and don’ts

pregnant mother with her little daughter

Pregnancy doesn’t mean that your body can’t be beautiful!

about your body and skin health. Why would you be reading this article if you weren’t? Relax! What you’re about to learn will shed some light on the skin whitening during pregnancy matter.
Is pregnancy a reason to wave goodbye to the woman in you?

The answer is a straightforward “NO”. I’ve already stated that pregnancy is a great period for you to live. However, it is a tough period to live, as your mind and body become more and more sensitive. Try to approach a pregnant cat or dog and you’ll see what I mean! And for god’s sake, avoid contact with a pregnant lioness! The whole female body and even the female skin adapts to the new condition (i.e. pregnancy) to protect the embryo it carries.

Do the above mean that a pregnant woman shouldn’t look after herself for nine months? Of course not! During your pregnancy, however, you’ll have to face some new restrictions when it comes to medications, skin care products, even some make-ups. The reason is that the majority of them contain chemicals that you don’t want to pass to your baby as well as substances that might irritate your skin, which is already sensitive.

Thus, you’ll have to be more cautious than you used to while looking after your skin’s health and especially when selecting a skin whitening treatment.
A skin whitening treatment during pregnancy? Why would I need one?

Linea Nigra

You might develop Linea Negra (Linea Nigra) during your pregnancy. Do not panic. It’s 100% normal

Well, at first, you might need one because you already use one to treat your dark spots. Or, you might need one because you’ve just developed brown spots or lines during your pregnancy… “Wait! What? Is that possible?” Yes, darling! It’s true In fact, 75% of pregnant women face skin hyperpigmentation during their pregnancy. But, “Hey! Calm down!” It is natural and treatable too!

Dark spots or lines during my pregnancy? What is happening to me?

What is happening to you is 100 percent normal. During pregnancy, many hormonal imbalances occur, and they might trigger skin pigmentation.

To be more specific, estrogen and progesterone are the ones to blame for developing Linea Negra (vertical black line) on a pregnant woman’s belly. It is also common for many pregnant women to develop brown spots around their nipples or between their thighs. There are also cases of women who notice their faces darkening during their pregnancy. This symptom is known as chloasma or mask of pregnancy…and yes it is also hormone-induced.

 How can I get rid of my dark spots during pregnancy? – Skin Whitening 101

Now that you know everything you should about hyperpigmentation (i.e. dark spots) during pregnancy, it’s time to address this matter properly.

Your priority is to ensure that you choose a skin whitening or lightening treatment that will not be harmful to your baby and you. PERIOD!

I don’t want to scare you, but there are products you must avoid during your pregnancy because they contain possibly harmful substances.

Chemicals and steroids might harm your skin and your baby

Keep away from harsh chemicals and steroids as they are extremely dangerous for your health and your skin

The first on the list are creams and ointments that contain hydroquinone. Hydroquinone has been the reason of debate between scientists for many years. Though many people believe that hydroquinone delivers some good results, it isn’t proven to be 100 percent harmless. In fact, hydroquinone is a Pregnancy Category C substance, meaning there haven’t been enough experiments with it. There have, however, been cases of fetus malformation, or teratogenesis that you should consider, before choosing a product that contains hydroquinone. So, you’d better avoid bleaching products containing hydroquinone during your pregnancy or nursing. (More on this subject here)

Stay away from mercury! Skin Whitening products that contain mercury are dangerous (and banned in the U.S.). Mercury is a toxic substance that might cause severe psychiatric and neurological issues. You don’t want to pass this element to your child, do you?

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid aggressive skin bleaching treatments. Your skin is sensitive during pregnancy, remember? So, even if substances as hauronoside or arbutin might have no reported side effects on pregnant women or the embryo and are considered equally efficient to hydroquinone, you’d better not experiment with your skin by using them during your pregnancy. There’s always the danger of producing the opposite results, such as further skin darkening or damaging the tissues of your skin.

Is there a way to get rid of my dark spots safely during pregnancy?

OK! I admit it! I might have scared you a bit with all these precautions, but, I really think of pregnancy and having a child as something sacred. That is why I would suggest a more natural solution to your body and skin problems. Natural ingredients that can be found in your local grocery store should be the first, and perhaps the only, choice to treat your dark spots during your pregnancy.

Ahem, are you suggesting that I could make my home whitening products?” Yes, you’re correct. Believe me! They are easy to make, cheap and stronger than chemical products. “Yeah, right!”, “Prove it!” you might say. No, I’ll let you prove it to yourself! Just go to Google Search and type “lemon juice and pregnancy dark spots”, this would do the trick for you.

You see, sometimes we take as granted that branded products are better, safer and more efficient than our home-made, natural remedies. Well, that is far from true. Many companies produce creams, pills, and ointments that contain dangerous chemical substances just to deliver some fast results. Please remember what I’ve already said about hydroquinone. Apart from this, their results are only short-lasting and may vanish even overnight, once you stop applying the cream or taking the pills.

So, if you want to take the safer road to lighten your skin while being pregnant, you should consider trying an all-natural skin whitening treatment. My personal favorite is Eden Diaz’s “Skin Whitening Forever” treatment. Her protocol has gathered some rave reviews over the last five years and has already got its fair share of fan following and loyalists. It’s all-natural, thus safe, and the author claims she has succeeded in treating thousands of people’s dark spots fast and without any side effects. Click Here if you want to learn more

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Give it a try and tell me what you think!


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