What would you do if I told you that you could have the skin tone of your dreams using aloe vera? Would you rush to a beauty store to find an aloe vera product and check the results? Or, would you try to find an aloe vera leaf to extract its juice and apply it on your pigmented area? You surely would! Who doesn’t want a fair skin color, after all?

In this article, I’m going to tell you everything you’d ever need to know about how aloe vera can help you lighten your skin. So, please make sure you read the whole of it so that you don’t skip any important details.


What on earth is aloe vera and how can it help me whiten my skin?

I don’t want to confuse you with Science. There are, however, some important facts you should know about aloe vera.

First of all, aloe is a plant. OK, you know that already, don’t you? What does vera mean, though? Vera is a Latin word. It stands for genuine and pure. So, if

aloe vera plant

The aloe vera plant contains the precious gel that will assist you in your skin lightening journey

you combine aloe with vera you get a new term that means “the genuine aloe extract.”


OK! Enough with my linguistic skills! What are the most significant benefits of the aloe plant? The following list should enlighten you:

  • Potent antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
  • Aloe can help you heal sunburns and general sorts of burns, faster.
  • Reduces Dental Plaque and guarantees overall mouth health.
  • Can help those who face constipation problems.
  • Can prove a powerful ally in your quest to get a flawless, clean skin. Plus, it can give you a younger skin look!

I get it! Does aloe vera lighten my skin, though?

It obviously does! This natural plant extract can do some miracles then it comes to skin lightening. It contains substances that can make your brown spots, acne marks, freckles, and liver spots go away. To make it easier for you, I’ll try to present the benefits of aloe vera in a Q&A series so that you might remember them easily. Ready? Let’s go!

Q1: Aloe vera for skin whitening! How can I use aloe vera to help me in my skin problems?

A1: Well, there are mainly two ways to do it; you can either digest it (I mean, drink it) or apply it on your hyperpigmented area. While the first way has many advantages, it also has some serious side effects according to webmd.com. The latter way is the one I prefer and would suggest that you try, too. The application of aloe vera juice or an aloe vera product on your pigmented areas is a good practice if you want to get a fair skin tone.

Q2: Is aloe vera suitable for my skin type?

A2: Yes it is! In fact, the aloe vera juice (gel) is appropriate for all skin types. And it is the ideal solution for those who have sensitive skin, too. It

is not a coincidence that many acne treatment products contain aloe vera extract.

Q3: Should I expect any irritation after applying aloe vera on my skin?

A3: No you shouldn’t. Not at all! Aloe vera for skin lightening is a very mild treatment. By saying mild, I mean that it is not as aggressive as other substances like arbutin or hydroquinone, for example. In plain English, you will see gradual fading of your brown spots and hyperpigmented areas. Gradual fading doesn’t guarantee fast results, though. You’ll have to be patient, but the outcome will reward your patience. It will be almost permanent, without irritation at all, and 100% natural.

Q4: How exactly does aloe vera lighten my skin?

A4: AHA! The million dollar question! Let’s try to give a complete answer.

Aloe vera gel extract

Right from the source. The aloe vera gel ready to help you whiten your skin.


  1. Aloe vera can promote an even skin tone for you as it is powerful in fading or even completely clearing your dark spots and marks
  2. A natural exfoliant, of course. Ideal for those who don’t want to mess with chemical exfoliation peels like AHA that might irritate or even harm your skin. You can safely use aloe to remove dead skin cells that cause your skin to look darker.
  3. Aloe – The Greatest skin moisturizer! – A sufficiently moisturized skin is sure to look healthier and brighter. It can also heal faster, as well as get lighter faster if you use aloe vera in tandem with another skin lightening product. To put it simply: Moisturized skin equals faster skin lightening
  4. Aloe vera restores the elasticity of your skin. A tighter, firmer skin always looks and feels healthier. So, to have a wrinkle-free and brighter skin consider applying an aloe vera gel on it daily before going to bed.
  5. Last but not least, aloe vera is the perfect treatment to use for serious sunburns. You should apply it after excessive exposure to the sunlight. It will help your skin counter the damage that UVA and UVB may have caused it. Additionally, it will help your skin get to its normal color when it completely heals. You don’t want new brown spots, do you? So, make good use of the moisturizing and healing properties of aloe vera to protect your skin from exposing yourself to the sunlight.

Q5: How long will it take to see results if I use aloe vera to whiten my skin?

A5: As I’ve already said, aloe vera is a mild skin lightening solution. What this means is that you won’t see immediate results. But this drawback comes with an enormous advantage for you, which is 100% safety. No irritation on your skin, no side-effects and other dangers that chemicals cause. Oops, sorry. I digress now… So, the results actually depend on your skin tone. The darker you are, the longer it will take to see profound results. However, people have stated that they managed to lighten their complexion using aloe vera in a months’ time or so, while others, darker ones reported results in 2-3 months’ time.

Q6: Do you recommend any products containing aloe vera for skin whitening?

Of course! Aloe vera comes in various products and forms to choose from. However, I’ve included some of my favourite products below to help you get started!

Aloe Vera for skin whitening – Bottom Line

If you wish to get a fair skin tone and get rid of your dark spots, blemishes, freckles, and liver spots, then aloe vera is your ally!  What you must do now is either get an aloe leaf and apply its gel directly on your darkened areas (apply every night for better results) or, if you prefer a complete solution, you can pick any of the above products.

Wishing you the best of luck and skin 😉