What if you woke up one day and found acne on your face for the first time? What if you found that your skin color has changed permanently? What if you noticed a huge allergic reaction or infection on

Girl enjoying a beautiful skin after skin lightening

If you want to ensure your skin gets a good look, make sure you follow these simple instructions


your face or body? Could all these symptoms relate to a poor choice of skin lightening cream? They surely could! That is why a thorough look at the possible risks of choosing a low-quality skin lightening product is required. Don’t be scared, just be informed! It’s good for your health!
On the next few paragraphs, you’re about to find out what are the most common side-effects that a faulty skin lightening product could have for your skin.
•    Permanent skin discoloration
Yes, you’ve read it well! Some products might lead to ochronosis, especially those who contain strong, active substances such as hydroquinone. Ochrono…what?
In plain English, it is an unwanted and untreatable skin discoloration associated with the use of bad skin bleaching products. It can be either unwanted lightening or even further darkening.

•    Irritated, red, itchy, skin
Many creams might contain potent ingredients that could irritate your skin. Not all people are the same, and neither is their skin. While some people can be just OK with using some products, others might experience distressing symptoms like irritation of their skin. Be sure to apply your product on a small area of your skin first (avoid your face if you can) to ensure that your skin can stand it, and then expand or stop accordingly.

•    Uneven toning leading to ugly-looking skin
Sometimes it can be tough to achieve even toning of your skin (Trust me, I know!). This is attributed to the potency of some products. Some companies, to provide people with fast solutions they create more than powerful creams. These creams might result to your skin lightening to an unwanted extend. My suggestion is to shoot for a mild, slowly fading formula.

•    Thin skin equals risk cancer
The majority of skin whitening products inhibits the production of melanin while others thin your skin to let their active substances penetrate the epidermis to treat the hyperpigmentation. What this means is that your skin is nearly defenseless against the dangerous UVA and UVB sun rays. This might eventually lead to melanoma, which is a form of skin cancer. Please, be alert!

•    Premature skin aging due to excessive, prolonged use of skin whitening products
Many active ingredients, such as hydroquinone can damage the elastin strands in your skin causing it to lose its elasticity. The outcome will be the worsening of your skin’s texture, and, inevitably, to it looking older and wrinkled. So, using a skin whitening product must be for a strictly short period, especially if you intend to use it in larger quantity or frequency.

•    Allergic Reactions
“But the product I use is all-natural!”, you will say. “And? It means nothing, darling! I am allergic to pineapples. Aren’t they natural?” Not all people are the same, remember? What might be safe for me might be harmful to you at the same time whether it’s a natu

Chemicals and steroids might harm your skin

Keep away from harsh chemicals and steroids as they are extremely dangerous for your health and your skin

ral or chemical substance. Yet, again, you should apply your cream topically before expanding, on the whole, body of yours.

•    Steroids! Skin and overall health Enemy No 1.
What is this about? Well, many skin lightening products contain corticosteroids, or simply put, steroids. They can be really dangerous for your skin, or even your health. While I could go on writing pages and pages on this subject, I prefer not to bombard you with the possible risks of steroids. I will just have to mention some of these, just to try to convince you.
1.    Skin thinning (like hydroquinone does)
2.    The appearance of permanent stretch marks, bruises and visibly broken veins.
3.    Eczema or acne (even if you didn’t ever have acne before)
4.    Serious skin infection risks, accompanied by sores, blisters, and boils that aren’t easily treated. Aren’t you convinced yet?
5.    Hypertension, blood sugar elevation, kidney and liver damage. Oh, this should do the work. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM STEROID CONTAINING PRODUCTS AT ALL COSTS!

I might have scared you a bit, I confess. There are many risks associated with choosing a low-quality skin whitening cream. This, of course,  doesn’t mean you’ll have to abandon your hopes for a flawless skin, though. It is your right! However, you must be informed about the evil that lurks around the corner. Be sure to check for any side effects before choosing your cream, and carefully examine its ingredients.
You can always check our list of all-natural skin whitening creams or take a look at Eden Diaz’s publication about how to create your 100% natural skin lightening products.