Selection of skin whitening soap

Choosing the best skin lightening soap can do miracles for your skin

What if you could lighten your skin by just washing it with a skin lightening soap? Would you still choose to spend your precious and hard-earned money and time on dubious skin lightening products that are costly as well as ineffective? Of course, you wouldn’t! Let me be clear on this. I do not promise instant miracles here. No! Your skin won’t get rid of its brown spots and age lines in two weeks.


There is, however, some soap that does wonders when it comes to skin lightening and whitening. The purpose of this article is to reveal all the important facts that you should consider when choosing the best skin whitening soap.

Question 1: Is any skin whitening soap /product suitable for every skin color and type?

Answer 1: No it is not, and I want you to be cautious on this. If your skin is an African American, there is soap (as well as other skin whitening products) specially crafted to be more efficient for you. This applies if your skin tone is whiter, too. There is also skin lightening soap that manufacturers claim it is suitable for all skin tones. There’s some research needed here from your part.

Question 2: What are the ingredients that my skin whitening soap must have?

Answer 2: This is a tricky question! Each substance found in skin whitening products has its strengths and possibly, weaknesses. If I were in your shoes, I would try to find a  whitening soap that contains papaya, kojic acid, and glutathione. These substances are well-known skin lightening agents as well as antioxidants and anti-aging agents. Why is this important? Because you’ll want to ensure that apart from becoming whiter, your skin will also become smoother and wrinkle free. On top of that, these ingredients provide you with the maximum protection against infections. So, to keep it simple, try to find a skin lightening soap that can protect and nourish your skin except for whitening it. If you are particularly interested in kojic acid, you can read our how to use kojic acid soap for skin whitening report to find one that suits your needs best or you can take a look at our top kojic acid soap brands for skin lightening

Question 3: Are there any ingredients I should avoid when selecting my skin lightening/whitening soap?

Avoid soap containing dangerous substances such as hydroquinone

Keep away from skin whitening soap that contains harsh chemicals or substances that can dry or harm your skin


Answer 3: There surely are! You should avoid soap that contains the potentially dangerous hydroquinone (more on this subject here) as well as sodium lauryl. Sodium Lauryl causes your skin to become dry as it absorbs its oil that keeps it moisturized. Simply put, sodium lauryl might cause your skin look aged. Avoid it at all costs!

Question 4: I’ve heard that skin whitening soap could dry my skin. Is that true?

Answer 4: Well, it’s partially true, yes! There’s however, something you could do to make sure this doesn’t happen. You can choose a bar of soap that contains a moisturizing substance such as aloe vera. If you can’t find one, you could always buy an aloe vera lotion separately and apply it on your treated area after washing it with your soap. Apart from its moisturizing effect, aloe vera can lighten your skin color further. Cool combo, isn’t it? If you want to know more on that, please visit this link.


Question 5: Can my skin lightening soap treat my dull skin too?

Answer 5: That’s a good question! In fact, it would be a good addition to your skin lightening soap if it could treat or lighten your dull skin too. By saying dull (or dead) we mean skin that has dead cells on it causing it to look darker. Cells you’ll want to get rid of if you want to restore its radiant glow. We call this procedure exfoliation. You should look for a skin whitening soap that contains Vitamin C, licorice extract or aloe vera for mild exfoliation to remove any dead cells from the top layers of your skin. You will love the result!

Question 6: What else shall I expect from my skin lightening soap to do for my skin…except lightening it?

Answer 6: Modern skin lightening soap is also able to nourish your skin. What this means for you is that, apart from getting rid of any brown areas and dark lines, you’ll get an anti-aging and skin smoothening effect. That kind of  soap can prevent wrinkles from appearing and dark spots from re-occurring. Look for a skin whitening soap that contains Coconut Oil or Vitamin E. There are also products that contain pure goat milk to nourish your skin. Absolute perfection!

Question 7: Where to buy the best skin whitening soap?

Answer 7: Well, you can always visit your local cosmetics store, or you can also read our “Best skin lightening soap” article that elaborates on the subject, presenting you some of the best skin lightening soap available.


Skin whitening soap comes in plenty. You have to make sure you get the best one for you. Your priority should be effectiveness, as well as safety.

You now have a sound plan to follow. If you, however, want a done-for-you research here’s the link to our kojic acid skin lightening soap guide  again.

My wishes for a flawless skin!

Good Luck!!!