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So you’re planning to start your skin whitening treatment, aren’t you? Have you already started it? Good choice! Having a flawless skin, free from brown spots, age spotsrashes, Woman with a perfect skin. and scars, provides you with a tremendous boost to both your confidence and your mood. There are, however, some dangers that lurk nearby, when it comes to skin whitening.
The purpose of this article is to lighten your path and make sure you stay out of trouble when you lighten your skin and right after it. Enjoy your reading.


For beautiful skin,don’t let the sun rays catch you!

OK! Let me be straight on that! You’re not going to become neither Batwoman nor a night owl. But, as you undergo your skin lightening treatment, while you choose laser treatment, peeling, OTC creams or Protect your skin from the sun during your skin lighteningmicrodermabrasion, your skin is sure to get irritated.
Especially after applying substances that don’t allow it to produce melanin (so that you achieve your skin lightening) your skin is utterly defenseless against the powerful, yet dangerous UVA and UVB sun rays. What this practically means is that your skin is prone to serious sunburns that might evolve into skin cancer. Please exercise extreme caution about that.
Additionally, your skin will detect that the sun is trying to penetrate, and will be on alert. In such a state, your skin will try to produce more melanin to protect itself. More melanin equals more skin darkening, and possibly new dark spots.
So, be careful! Your skin is extremely sensitive during your lightening treatment, especially your newly formed skin. Thus, you’ll have to tread lightly. And there’s a lot to be done to ensure you stay outta trouble.
1)    Stay away from the sun and avoid prolonged exposure
2)    Use a high SPF lotion (preferably over 40)
3)    Wear protective clothing if you have to stay outdoors for long, on a sunny day. You must protect your head, arms, and back no matter what. These are the areas that are more exposed to the sun.

Water – The enemy of your enemy (i.e. the sun) is your ally.

While undergoing a skin whitening treatment, you have to ensure that your skin is properly moisturized. So, you have two things to look for.A glass of water. Water is important for your skin
1.    Drink adequate water! You should drink no less than 8 glasses of water per day, that is no less than 2 liters of it. This will keep your skin moisturized allowing it to heal faster. Drinking sufficient quantities of water each day is good for your overall health, after all. It all allows your body to flush out any unnecessary or toxic substances it has accumulated, helping it become healthier, fitter and immune to illnesses. It also grants you with more vigorous and more glowing look.
2.    Apply moisturizing creams and lotions on the treated area. They will maintain it moisturized, allowing a quicker healing process. If you want my advice, shoot for an aloe vera moisturizing lotion. It will keep your treated area fresh and moisturized and you can keep it to wash your face after the treatment. I love doing this each and every morning! It keeps me fresh, clean and energized. On top of that, did you know that aloe vera has additional skin lightening properties? If not, you can read my article about aloe vera and skin lightening.

Hey! “Pickers” leave your skin alone! (courtesy of Pink Floyd )

Yes, yes I know! This cunning little wound is screaming at you! “Pick at me! Pick at me! I want to leave your skin! “. Let me set this straight.  DO NOT INDULGE!. Stop picking at it right now! People that have had a chemical healing or a laser skin lightening treatment are always to tempted to pick at their treated areas. This is not an option for you. Why?
You don’t want to scar your skin, do you?
You don’t want to slow down the healing process, do you?
You don’t want to risk catching an infection on your already irritated skin, do you?
Then, for the love of God, DON’T PICK AT YOUR SKIN. PERIOD!

For a beautiful skin color, watch your diet!

OK, this is a general piece of advice. However, after having a skin whitening treatment, you must make sure that your skin has all the help it needs to heal faster. Apart from drinking enough water, you have Picture with fruits and vegetables that are important for skin lightening and skin healthto ensure that you have a balanced diet providing your skin with all the essential substances so that it can build and protect your newly formatted skin cells. So:
1)    Eat fruits and vegetables. The more, the merrier. They will provide you with the necessary anti-oxidants to help you protect your skin. (My personal favorites: Berries, grapes, and kale).
2)    Eat fruits rich in Vitamin C. This vitamin helps your skin have a faster recovery. It can’t be a coincidence that the majority of skin lightening products contain vitamin C.
3)    Eat carrots! Plenty of them. You might be wondering why. It is simple! Carrots contain B-Carotene (similar name, huh?). What makes this substance special is that your body converts it into Vitamin A that is significant for the regeneration of your skin cells. So, you’re getting the maximum help you can get in your against scars, dark spots and general skin problems. Also, in case you’ve already started a skin lightening treatment, you get faster recovery.
4)    This is a general tip, too. You should not restrict your diet to the foods described above. You should eat dairy products, fresh fruits, whole-grain cereals, and, of course, fish and meat. They all help you be healthier and have a better texture and color of your skin.
Read the instructions on your skin lightening product carefully.
Some OTC creams and natural skin-lightening methods have some special steps or maintenance instructions to follow so that they are efficient. So, make sure you read them thoroughly and implement them with care. If, for any reason, you experience any kind of irritation, pain or any other inconvenience, consult your dermatologists ASAP.


Skin lightening might sometimes be somewhat tricky. If you, however, follow the simple steps that you’ve read above you can make it an easy process.
Below there are some useful resources for you to read for safe skin whitening


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Wishing you an efficient, fast, and easy skin-whitening treatment.